Why to buy over renting

If you have aspirations of leaving the rental market and finally actually buying a new home, then regardless of whether you’re looking for a nice three-bedroom property in the north of England or flats in London, you have a key question to ask yourself: should you buy an existing property or purchase one of the many new homes that are being offered by developers such as Barratt Homes?

Below are some of the key reasons to choose a newly built property over an existing one.

Decreased maintenance

We’ve all seen those pristine-looking properties that have sprung up in various parts of the UK, and when you choose to buy your new home from a reputable property developer, you can be sure that such brand new looks are a sign of less maintenance on the inside, too. New homes are designed to minimise the time and costs required for upkeep, and are made using fresher, more up-to-date building materials.

Customisation options

If you’ve moved into an existing property before, then chances are that you will recall seeing all manner of tacky wallpaper and gaudy furnishings. But whereas buying an existing home forces you to invest time and money into correcting the situation, when you opt for a new home, you may be lucky enough to be able to choose for yourself from a broad selection of tiles, paint, carpet and furnishings, meaning that your home really does feel like your own as soon as you move in.

Safety and security

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes, but buying an old property can mean taking major risks in this respect. Newly built homes are known for such features as fire-resistant materials, tough double glazed windows, smoke alarms and circuit breakers. These features certainly make for greater peace of mind, as do the modern locks of many new homes, which bring the added bonus of reduced insurance premiums.

Environmental friendliness

The extensive insulation and energy-saving devices that come as standard on so many newly-built homes helps to explain why they are as much as four times more energy-efficient than older properties. As you can imagine, that equates to huge savings on your energy bills over the years. Plus, isn’t it nice to know that in buying such a new home, you are really doing your bit to help the environment?

Don’t forget, too, that newly built homes tend to feature more of the features of truly 21st century living, from luxurious bathrooms and en-suites to open-plan space.