Considering a move to the garden of England?



With its stunning scenery, quaint towns and villages, and easy access to the sea, Kent has always been a very popular place to live. However, in the last decade, new homes in Kent have become even more popular as young people are priced out of the housing market in London and look to more affordable alternatives outside the capital. Because it is within easy commuting distance of London, it’s particularly popular with young families, who are tied to jobs in London but really need to find a bigger home with access to good schools for the kids.
If you’re considering a move to Kent, then you may find that you get a lot more for your money than you would in London, but bear in mind that the factors that make houses that bit pricier in London, still apply when you get outside the capital.
The most obvious consideration is proximity to transport, particularly in the commuter towns where people really do need to be close to a train station in order to make commuting a viable option. Most people would ideally prefer to keep their commute to something manageable like an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and a half at the most. So if a large chunk of that is taken up with getting to the station in the first place, it leaves little room for manoeuvre. In other words you can’t afford to miss the train! Houses that are within walking distance will always have a higher asking price than those that are even a ten minute drive away.
The other big consideration is proximity to good schools – the perennial problem for anyone with children. Again if you come across a house that is within easy walking distance of the local school you can expect to pay a bit more for it. This is because it makes life so much easier for both parents and kids when the trip to school doesn’t involve getting in the car. Cars mean traffic and traffic means stress for Mum or Dad if they then have to continue on to work. On the other hand, a nice leisurely walk is the perfect start to the day for everyone – unless it’s raining of course!
And lastly, if you come across the perfect house that just happens to be close to the local Tesco or Sainsbury’s, then the chances are this will be reflected in the price too. Add all three together – train station, schools and supermarket and you’ve got the perfect location. Just bear in mind that the perfect location may mean forking out a bit more money.