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  • Gas and electricity the energy industry explained

  • What is a water supplier?

  • Home phones explained

  • Does everyone have to switch to digital TV?

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  • Affordability is the major consideration when choosing a mortgage.

  • Typically most high street lenders will lend a single person between 3 and 3.5 times their pre-tax salary.

  • Other credit commitments, such as to a credit card or personal loan will generally not be taken into account.

  • Some lenders will also allow you to add a proportion of any regular bonuses you receive to this base figure.

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logoFacebook updates could invalidate your home insurance

Holidaymakers are being urged to resist the temptation to post pictures or status updates on social media sites or risk invalidating their home insurance. Telling the world that you're away for a fortnight is an open invitation to burglars and insurance companies are warning homeowners that claims could be rejected. Read Article >>>


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