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"Finding thatched roof insurance"

For a whole host of reasons, most insurers will not entertain the idea of providing cover for a property with a thatched roof.

The property may have a romantic feel and look good, but homes with thatched roofs come with a variety of problems and risks that insurers are inclined to avoid.

Property owners with thatched roof homes have probably already discovered the difficulties in finding insurance cover.

Among the reasons for not offering insurance is that thatched roofs are costly to repair - an insurer will want to know when the thatch was last replaced, although a good roof should last for up to 50 years.

They will also want to know that the roof is properly maintained. While there is no greater risk of a thatched roof property catching fire, there is a greater chance of the fire spreading more quickly, which adds to the risk for an insurer.

Most thatched roof buildings are likely to be old and also more likely to be registered as a listed building which restricts what repairs are alterations can be made – and pushes up the cost of sorting problems out.

Repairing or replacing thatched roofs is not only expensive but it needs specialist contractors to ensure the work is done properly.

Potential insurers will ask the age of the property, query the life span of the thatch itself and then want to know about fire precautions you have put in place.

With most insurance firms giving thatched-roof properties a wide berth, specialist brokers are a good place to start the search for the best and cheapest thatched roof insurance cover.

Due to the nature of the homes and special risks and costs involved, most thatched roof insurance policies are tailored to specific properties.

The right broker knows how to present an application and should have a bank of companies ready to consider thatched roof insurance.