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Extensions and Renovations


Extending or converting your home is cheaper than moving and will leave you with stunning results. Create the space your lifestyle demands.From basement and garage conversions to stylish outdoor annexes for additional living quarters- here you can find specialists who can advise you through each and every step.


Interiors and Decorating



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Kitchen & Bathroom Inspiration

Perhaps you are looking for a new work surface, a more economical plumbing system or wanting to remodel you living space.



“Why you should consider a wetroom for your new bathroom”

When designing and installing a new bathroom, you'll be faced with countless decisions that will ultimately determine the success of your project.

The make and model of your furniture is perhaps the most important of those decisions, but almost as vital will be the choice of tiles, floor materials, colours, furniture placement and so on. read article...


Gardens and Landscaping


Create an outdoor space that you’ll want to spend time in, whether you are looking to create an outdoor entertaining space or a simple rural garden. You may even find that improving your garden could add value to your property.

Self Build Zone

Whether you're looking to add space to your home or increase the value of your property, changing the design or layout of your house is a major investment. If you're looking to create an extension, convert your loft or re-configure your internal space.


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