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“Why you should consider a wetroom for your new bathroom”


When designing and installing a new bathroom, you'll be faced with countless decisions that will ultimately determine the success of your project.

The make and model of your furniture is perhaps the most important of those decisions, but almost as vital will be the choice of tiles, floor materials, colours, furniture placement and so on.

For the first-timer, it's a bigger and more complicated job that you would perhaps have imagined. But then, for a job that will (according to research) add 3% to the value of your home, it's worth getting it right.

Perhaps the most important element of your new bathroom will be the bath and shower. These come in all shapes and sizes and can make or break the room - the efficient use of your available space and a design that's complementary to the room are absolutely essential.

This is where walk in showers and baths can come into their own. Often overlooked by some, perhaps assuming they are more appropriate for older people, these extremely functional and yet elegant pieces of furniture are perfect for any type of bathroom - whatever your age.

Here are five reasons why a walk in bath or shower makes a great option for your new bathroom:


You want space? You've got it
The trouble with some orthodox baths and showers is that space is limited. Showers can be a tight squeeze and if you're over six foot, many baths can be something of a disappointing experience. A walk in bath or shower allows you acres of space by comparison, with the shower seat providing a handy spot for women to perch when shaving, while walk in baths provide the kind of all-over-body coverage that normal baths don't get close to.


Easy to clean
Cleaning the shower is usually one of the least enjoyed jobs in the house, not least because it often requires something of a contortionist’s act to get to all the dirty nooks and crannies. Walk in showers are by comparison a breeze - the greater space allows for a much easier job, and there's less chance of you having to inhale a lungful of cleaning fumes in the process.


Great for washing the kids
If you have small children, there's every chance you'll give them a bath every night before bedtime. But baths aren't particularly cost-effective, and a walk in shower provides the space to do just as good a job while using far less water.


Beautifully bespoke
Some people may have an image in their mind of a walk in bath or shower coming with lots of railings, handles and other fairly ugly looking parts. The truth couldn't be more different. With a manufacturer like Mobility Plus, you get to choose every single accessory, from the type of seat to the towel holder. You can completely make it your own, and what’s more, when you buy a new bathroom from Mobility Plus you get a free toilet and basin to complete your makeover.


Design it from scratch
A walk in shower or bath affords just as much scope for design as a normal shower or bath. Everything from the wall and floor finishes to taps and radiators can be specified to your exact requirements.

For more information about the selection of walk in showers and baths available through Mobility Plus, visit www.mobility-plus.co.uk.